Bubu Andres

Global Chair, FY2018/2019
EO Philippines

Since joining EO in 2001, Rosemarie "Bubu" Andres has made a mark at all levels of the organization, both as a passionate member of EO Philippines and in various leadership positions. An influential leader in EO's APAC region, Bubu started her EO leadership journey as a Forum Chair (FY2004/2005), and went on to serve as a Learning Chair (FY2005/2006); Special Projects Chair (FY2006/2007); Chapter President (FY2007/2008), during which the chapter hosted the First Asia Bridge Campus in Cebu; YPO/WPO Liaison (FY2008/2009); Asia Bridge Forum Committee member (FY2008/2009); Asia Bridge Forum Chair (FY2009/2010); MyEO Task Team Committee member (FY2012-2014); MyEO Chair for GLC: Manila (FY2013/2014); and MyEO Task Team Chair (FY2014/2015).

During her years of service as a Director on the Global Board, she has improved organizational communications, promoted greater interaction between regions, and encouraged the recruitment of more female entrepreneurs for diversity and increased member value. When she's not making a mark within EO, Bubu is serving as the co-founder and CFO of Candy Corner Philippines, Inc., as well as CFO of Global Beer Exchange, and co-founder and general manager of Snapsnack Foods Corp. Outside of entrepreneurship, Bubu is celebrating life with her husband, Ricky, and their three children: Rina, Robbie and Rissa.